About Us

I’m a mommy first, fashion enthusiast second and blogger third! Raised in Spain, I moved to the States when I was 12 and I have to go back every year… Spain will always be my home.., but San Diego is a very beautiful home away from home, lol. With a passion for mind and body, I studied psychology at USD and graduated with my bachelors in 2008. Since then I have focused on being a “keep it real” mommy to my daughter Luciana (5) who I share the camera flash with. From the moment I knew she was in my belly, my heart wrapped itself around loving and protecting her.

Luciana is full of life and spontaneity. Her beauty and personality is one to follow.

I also dove into the e commerce industry as a creative director and business owner. Recognizing my calling for entrepreneurship, I founded “Teresa Y Luciana” in 2016- a Mommy & Daughter blog focusing on fashion and lifestyle. I share my love for stylish things and motherhood into my content which is full of witty humor, motherly love and chic fashion!

As a single mother, I believe in love, passion and being proud of your inner-self. I’m advocate of “Anti-Mommy-Shamming” and believe you should be proud of your accomplishments, and okay with your shortcomings. “It’s not about having it all together, it’s about accomplishing your goals and brushing yourself off every time you fall”.