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How Food Cubby Makes Sure the Foods On Your Kids Plate Don’t Touch- It’s Every Mom’s Dream!

Food Cubby

The Food Cubby

FoodCubbys make for a great edge that can be used as a wall to push up food onto utensils. Strong suction allows a tight seal to any flat surface, keeping foods apart, or for portioning meals.

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The biggest problems manifest the best inventions. Food “touching” other food may not seem like a big problem- but a child not eating right? Well that can be a big problem. Luckily, a $14.99 product has put this nerve-wrecking issue to rest in millions of homes all around the world. The Food Cubby is a simple solution for picky eaters who do not like their food to touch, autistic children who struggle with using eating utensils and many other case by case situations that ultimately created the inspiration for this rubber food separator. Luciana and I were excited to partner with the Food Cubby team to highlight this useful kitchen item.

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Food Cubby

The Food Cubby


Food Cubby

The Food Cubby in Green



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  • The Food Cubby

  • The Food Cubby in Green

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