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How to get the perfect Ballerina Bun | Sponsored by do+little, Shiny Happy

If you too have a little diva like I do, this “How to do a Ballerina Bun” post will give you another fabulous up-do for little Ms.Fabulous, dancer or not. The steps are pretty clear, but I may add a video in the near future to make it easier…


1. Brush and Detangle

I spray Luciana’s hair down with do+little Shiny Happy Spray.


2. Make a Ponytail

Brush with a boar bristle brush and create a ponytail. Make sure the hair is brushed tight and the hair-tie is looped 2 to 4 times so the ponytail doesn’t come out during the next step.


3. Use the Donut Bun

Start the donut bun towards the end of the ponytail and begin rolling the bun up and wrapping the ponytail around it. Keep twisting the bun until it hits the crown of her head. The bun should start to look complete, but if you see the donut bun through the hair, spread the hair until you can’t see any part of the donut bun.


4. Lock it with Bobby Pins

Use bobby pins to secure the bun. If hairs are sticking out, use more bobby pins to keep them from sticking out.

If all goes well it should look something like Luciana’s ballerina bun below.

the perfect girls hairdo

non toxic kids hair product

do+little happy shiny spray


I’d like to note that this post was sponsored by the do+little and their product, “Shiny Happy”. I actually reached out to them first because I really loved how their spray did wonders for my Luciana’s hair. I take her to recitals, rehearsals, etc… and every time I have to do her hair I don’t always have time to wash and condition. This plant based spray is a miracle worker. It acts as a detangler and leave in conditioner. Her hair can be all sorts of funky, but after using this spray, it always gets untangled, bouncy and ready to style.

Aside from being a great aid to Luciana’s many hair stylings, The do+little product is also free of toxins. I highly recommend this product as a must try for moms and/or their little girls with thinning or extremely thick hair.


do+little- Shiny Happy

Leave-In Combing and Detangling Milk. Smooths, shines and conditions with sunflower, coconut milk and jojoba.

Leave-In Combing and Detangling Milk. Smooths, shines and conditions with sunflower, coconut milk and jojoba.

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