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My New Favorite All-In-One Contour Palette | Guize Face FX Review

There are things in this world that entrap me and steal my focus for dozens of minutes at a time. One of those things are “Makeup Tutorial” videos on youtube (ughh). Somehow these contour masters take their natural faces and transform them into slaying jaw bones and flawless skin. They make the process look so easy, and yet we all know it’s anything but.

However, I recently found two reasons to give the DIY challenge every non-makeup artist fears a try. Those two reasons are the “Moonlight” series and the “Daylight” series from Guize Face FX.

What makes Guize unique is it’s “4 effects” approach to giving yourself that show-stopping look every girl/guy wants. Each of their 3 kits has a highlight, contour, bronzer, and shimmer.

Let me tell you as a mom (and I’m sure all mommas will agree)- to be able and declutter much of my old make up to replace with this slim pallet (about the size of a small envelope) was a dream. When I travel to Spain this will replace 5 pounds of make up, and I’m going to need to be under 50! The effects of Guize pallets are intended to compliment one another when applying, so whether you’re a professional or just starting, your face will either look flawless, or closer to flawless. Like everything it did take some practice, but the tutorials on their product pages were very helpful. Luciana had lots of fun putting it on me, but probably more fun putting it on herself; But she did notice my face got a little upgrade. She told me I “almost” looked like a princess and just needed my crown… I won’t be uploading any makeup videos on my channel anytime soon, but I will be using this product regularly.

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